Black Lives Matter


Ahead of our doors / half door opening tomorrow we had planned a big blog post. A post thanking everyone for their support and talking of ways to support local. And while we are so very grateful to all of our customers & for the support, that blog post doesn’t feel appropriate. Black Lives Matter & the continued systemic racism in our society is much more important than our little shop.

There are so many good resources circulating at the moment. We have some in our highlights on Instagram as well as a few below.

EDUCATE: ourselves, our children, our family, our friends, our community. A few links to resources we found helpful.

Click here

DONATE: Donate to organisations that combat racism and police brutality. Fines and bailed funds.

Click here for more info

Or here for another great donation resource 

Or help pay the rent

PARTICIPATE: be safe joining protests.

Sign petitions

ADVOCATE: Actively call out racism when you come across it. 

Lets all keep learning, acting and speaking about this so we can do better.

We look forward to seeing your faces, and hearing your stories when we reopen tomorrow. Please keep us and yourselves safe by staying on our love hearts, two metres apart.

Caitlin and Celeste