Plant Care

For help with your plants, please send us a photo of the plant and the roots to and one of our plant experts will be happy to offer you advice!

As a general rule, your house plants need tended to once a week. That doesn't necessarily mean they need watered once a week, but they need looked at, perhaps the leaves wiped down and misted, dead leaves removed, rotated, watered, fertilised, moved etc.

Plants require balance; a balance between the right light, food and water. It's not hard but it will take a little while to work out what each plant needs.

Here are our five rules to keep your house plants alive:

1 - Buy your plants from a reputable plant shop or grower. In an ideal world, that means not in a plastic nursery pot. Plants that come in plastic pots have likely not been looked at by anyone, they have just come off the back of a truck, to a shop and to you without anyone looking at the roots or soil quality.

2 - Plants are always a little shocked when you first take them home from the plant shop. Plants are like kids, they don't like being moved around but will be perfectly happy in a couple of weeks once they've forgotten about their previous environment.

3 - Tend to your plants once a week. Check the soil, cut off dead bits, water and fertilise and take the time to get to know your plants. If it is happy, leave it alone, if it is struggling, try and understand what it is trying to tell you. Is it near a heater? Move it. Is it wilting? Water it. Is one side dying and the other growing? Rotate it.

4 - Fertilise your plants in the summer. Baby bio is fab or organic plant food, just whatever you can get your hands on. We prefer the liquid type, but whatever you're used to is fine.

5 - There is no hard and fast rule. What works for your friend may not necessarily work for you. Everyone's homes a re different, different lighting, different home heating systems, different air and water qualities; so you need to take the time to assess and listen to your plants if you want them to thrive.

During lockdown 1.0 we made 30 videos in 30 days cos we were stuck at home and wanted to offer something tangible to our customers.

Here is the link to our IGTV in which you can find a link to almost any burning plant question you have - from how to pot up plants, how to make your own soil mix, how to identify plant problems and loads more.

Click here for to view our most popular video how to keep your supermarket herbs alive. From there you can click through to the rest of our videos.

If you have any plant questions, please feel free to email us and we will do our best to help you.